To Do or Not To Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

DIY projects are very popular these days. While you may consider yourself quite a handy individual, it’s extremely important to know your limits. It’s also important to weigh your time and effort vs the cost of hiring a pro. If you hire someone who is an experienced, well-referenced pro, it may be well worth it.

With any project, the cost of materials is often greatly overshadowed by the cost of labor, which is usually the most expensive part of any project. But for busy Americans, the last thing you want is for a weekend project to go wrong and ruin your Saturday and Sunday. For those that have more time to devote to DIY projects, taking it all on yourself and doing it a bit at a time is the best way to go.

The main problem with this is that while it may be convenient in relation to your work and family schedules, it may take longer to complete than you wish. DIY projects are great and should be treasured. But it’s important to remember that the pros exist for a reason. There’s a reason we do what we do for a living. Most experts agree, you NEVER take on a DIY project which calls for a building permit such as services, plumbing, gas fitting, electrical. Find out how to pull a building permit first.

We commend all of the handy folks out there. It takes a great deal of time and effort to do what you do. We should know. If you ever have a question about a project, call your friendly local experts at City Renovations. No job is too small for us in the Metro DC area. We’re more than happy to help.