Things to Consider Before Getting a Quick Divorce

There are lots of factors that people take into consideration when they decide to get divorced. The common thing people worry when they get a divorce is the legal costs, the divorce time, and whether they make the right move or not. Even though the process of divorce is tough, but it is still possible to get a stress free and less expensive divorce. This kind of divorce is known as a quick divorce.

As the name suggests, a quick divorce leads to easy divorce process for some reasons. Here are anything that you need to consider before getting a quick divorce.

Is it possible to get a quick divorce?

The quick divorce refers to the divorce process that does not take months or years. The process of divorce can get that fast when you can come to an agreement with spouse related to visitation, custody, a division of property, and spousal support. The fastest type of divorce that does not take lots amount of time is also known as uncontested divorce. The quick divorce can happen because most major issues have been resolved by the couple.

Uncontested divorce vs contested divorce

Different from uncontested divorce, the contested divorce happens when one party cannot agree on some or all issues. Such a divorce process may involve trial and lengthy settlement meetings. The process may also involve digging in spouse’s finance that will spend lots of your time and energy.

The uncontested divorce is faster in the process because it takes less time. The process is shortened since the couple has been agreed on some or all issues such as visitation, custody, a division of property, spousal support, a division of debt, education, religion, and also life and health insurance. The fast process of uncontested divorce will definitely save lots of your time, money, and also reduces the stress level.

No-fault divorce vs fault-based divorce

The no-fault divorce can also speed up the separation process as long as it does not require legal separation. This is because the no-fault divorce eliminates the need for proving grounds for the divorce such as inhuman treatment, adultery, cruelty marriage, and abandonment. The no-fault divorce prevents both parties to blame each other as the reason for the end of a marriage.

In almost all states, the no-fault divorce can be achieved by stating an oath – in paper or court – that both parties have irreconcilable or incompatible differences. If you want to go for a no-fault divorce, you can claim it on the divorce papers.

Does quick divorce require an attorney?

When you are filing for cape cod uncontested divorce, it is always a great idea to have an attorney to help you check the marital settlement agreement. Through this way, you can make sure that everything is fair for you and spouse. In the other hand, your spouse should also hire an attorney to help review the agreement. For this purpose, you and your spouse should have a separate attorney because one attorney cannot represent both parties. If you wish for a quicker process, make sure to hire a divorce attorney.