Pomodoro technique: a very effective method to get things done when you work from home

Working for home is considered to be more relax and fun than to work in an office but it also takes a lot of self-discipline and great time management skills. Freelancing jobs are in the rising and what it used to be just a way to make some extra money, has become the main source of income for many. Sometimes we lack commitment if we don’t have a fixed working schedule or someone watching over us. This is because we pretend to work long hours and disconnect from the world when our brains are not built for that.


This is a very easy but very effective method to beat procrastination and it is used by many students all over the world. It takes zero time to get used to it and the only thing you need is a timer. Humans are not meant to concentrate on just one thing for hours straight, our minds need a break and this is why we get distracted and we take longer completing a task. The Pomodoro technique consists of setting a timer for ideally 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest. It sounds little time but if you are fully committed to only work for those 25 minutes, without looking at your phone or checking your social media, you will be amazed by how much work done you can finish and how to focus you will be. 


It is easier to work for a set short period than forcing yourself to work for hours which we all know we won’t be working all that time. Setting realistic goals and schedule your break is the best way to keep your mind present in what you are doing at the moment. By scheduling your work time and break time, you know what will come and you will not feel anxious thinking about the less important things you are not doing.


One of the main distractions, when we work from home, are other people. Family and/or roommates often are not aware of your workload or deadlines. Before starting, let them know for how long you will be busy so that they can know when to approach you. If they need help from you at that particular moment, kindly ask them what is it about and if they can wait. Explain that you are committed to your process and how important it is to you to stick to it. Let them know the time you will be available for them and respect that appointment as well.


Sometimes we have an idea or we remember something and we stop everything we are doing to start another task. We usually do this because we are afraid to forget about it again. The best solution for this is to have a notepad next to you and write all those thoughts down so when you finish with what you are doing, you can go to that and finish those things as well.