Landlords Open Micro Unit Rentals in D.C.

The D.C. region is facing a growing housing shortage. While the problem pales in comparison to Manhattan and other metropolitan areas, housing officials are trying to develop new solutions before the situation worsens. They have adopted the city’s first micro unit rentals, which will enable more people to live in the area.

John Guggenmos is a sales manager for McWilliams Ballard, the firm that is marketing the micro homes. Guggenmos believes that these units will alleviate many of the problems D.C. residents face looking for a place to live.

“D.C. may not be quite as tight on space as Manhattan, but there’s no question that there are sought-after areas of the city that offer the location, the lifestyle and convenience that people want but have limited options for new homes.”

Guggenmos said that these units are similar to traditional one bedroom apartments. They occupy less space, although most people will barely notice the difference.

The micro unit rentals are ideal for young professionals that are struggling with the skyrocketing cost of rent. These people have limited incomes, since they are in the early stages of their careers. They are also less likely to be married, which reduces their purchasing power. Some of the Divorce attorney Worcester MA also feels that such micro units are ideal for divorced people.

Micro units don’t force people to sacrifice much comfort for cost. They utilize available space very efficiently, which includes eliminating wasted areas such as unnecessary hallways. Each unit has a modest bedroom, bathroom, living and dining area. It should provide the average renter with all the comforts they are looking for.

These units may not appeal to every renter. They may not provide sufficient living space for couples with children, even though the space is used very efficiently. However, Guggenmos and other real estate professionals believe they serve an important need in a city that is facing a worsening housing shortage.