How Much Does a Divorce Cost and the Standard Expenses

Divorce can go in both ways: it can be downright ugly or it can be as smooth as the highway. The condition and situation of the divorce will affect the total cost of the procedure. So, how much does a divorce cost? It depends whether you and your spouse agree on the separation and related major issues, such as assets split up and child custody. It also depends on whether you will need an attorney or not. The more complicated the procedure is (usually because both parties refuse to agree on certain terms), the costlier it will be.

A divorce is pricey. Yes, it is true. However, if you plan ahead and you get prepared, such a thing can be managed and prevented. That’s why it would be a good idea to know some of the basic facts.

Some of the Determining Factors

There are some factors that may affect the overall cost of the process. First of all, the location where you reside is important. If you live in a metropolitan area, the cost will be higher than those in smaller towns. Second, the cost of an attorney will also affect your spending. Do you need an attorney or not? If you do, will the person will serve you within a part of the process or the entire process? If you don’t need an attorney at all, then your expenses will be lower.

Third, if you are doing the process on your own will also affect your spending. Do you do it online or through the traditional method? These factors will also determine the overall cost. Fourth, the existence of kids will also affect the cost. Fifth, the smooth agreement between you and your spouse will also affect the cost. If you both agree on lots of major things, it will lead to a faster process and agreement. However, if you face conflicts while trying to agree on things, then it will be a problem. It will make negotiation longer, resulting in higher cost.

The Standard Cost

There are some schemes in relation to the divorce cost. For a starter, if both of the parties agree on the separation and they are doing their own papers, then the cost is less than $500. This doesn’t include filing fees which can be different in different states. If you get a waiver (generally based on your personal income), then you won’t have to pay for the filing fees.

If you are using collaborative or divorce mediation services, the price can range between $2,000 and $9,000. This is considered less expensive when compared to trial divorce. If you are using divorce lawyers, the price is generally higher because they charge (without fees) on an hourly basis. The hourly rate can start from $200 to more than $500. The rate depends on the location where you live. Divorce in New York is definitely more expensive than the process in Vermont.

It would be wise if you can perform your own research to know how much does a divorce cost. By doing so, you can collect as much info as possible as well as getting prepared for the process.