7 Thoughtful Ways to Reward Your Employees

Employees appreciate thoughtful recognition and acknowledgment from their employers as paybacks for work well done. You can reward your team members for improved performance, exemplary output, or even consistency in punctuality. As an employer, when you incorporate a rewarding culture in your organization, your team gets motivated, satisfied, and competitive in a healthy way. What’s more? It earns you loyalty points with your employees and ultimately improves their work performance.

Read on to find out these Extremely Thoughtful Ways

Office BBQ

Organizing an office BBQ is an incredible way to recognize an individual employee or appreciate the whole team at large. Motivate your team by barbecuing meat capped up with some luscious salads and great drinks! The office does not have to be that strict and serious environment all the time! Sharing a meal in the office creates a happy atmosphere at work and brings the team members closer.

Event Tickets

You can gift your employees with event tickets at the beginning, middle, or end of a business year. Event tickets at the beginning of a business year give your team immense start-off power. An event away from work in the middle of the business year allows them to relax, recharge, and reenergize accordingly. At the end of the business year, you can also reward the overall best performers and reward them with event tickets. And if events are not the best way to go for a particular person here are 63 other ideas on what to thoughtfully gift someone.

Certificate of Achievement

There is so much joy and gratitude that comes with a physical evidence of achievement. HR@Work says, “gifting individual staff members with a certificate of a particular achievement elevates their confidence and dedication to doing better.” You can choose to issue it during meetings to challenge their peers.

Work Coupons

You can appreciate your staff with a coupon that allows them to wear jeans on their day of choice. Alternatively, you can designate an optional all employee jean day. This is particularly significant in business settings with a strictly professional dressing code.

Parking Spot Privileges

When an employee depicts exemplary performance, you can dedicate a parking space to them, especially in the VIP parking. This will push them to be better and soar to higher professional levels. To make this reward stand out, customize the parking spot with the employee’s name and his or her winning title, such as ‘best employee of the year.’

Impromptu Time Off

An employee’s dedication reflects in their performance. When you spot a spike in a team member’s zeal and output, you can wow them with some impromptu time offs. For instance, you can grant a particular team member an afternoon off or allow them to report later than their peers.

Taking Part in Celebrating Their Birthdays and Anniversary

Recognize, appreciate, and celebrate your employees’ birthdays and anniversaries with the rest of your team members. You do not necessarily have to put business operations on hold for the day, as you can push the celebrations to the evenings after work. This way, you will build a great sense of community and belonging and, consequently, fierce employee loyalty.

Dumpster Party

Hey everyone needs to clean out their desk once and a while! Make a day out of organizing the office. Buy everyone lunch, rally together to clean, organize, and de-clutter the office. Get some sort of dumpster or trash service so that it will be gone the next day. Search for dumpster rental and your town and you’ll be sure to find something that works. For example: dumpster rental wareham. At the end of the day the whole office should be smelling clean and feeling refreshed knowing everything is de-cluttered.