4 Natural Ways to Remove Scratches from Furniture

Furniture can be very expensive – so, of course, you want yours to last for as long as possible. If your furniture’s wood is starting to show distress, there are some quick and natural fixes to get it looking as good as new. Scratches in wood are one of the most common furniture problems. However, repairing scratches can be easy and inexpensive.

Here are four natural ways to fix your furniture flaws without using chemicals:

Black Tea

Brew a cup of black tea. Make sure to let the tea bag steep for 2 to 3 minutes. If your wood is dark, you will want to let the bag steep longer. The longer it steeps, the darker it will be. Dab the tea onto the scratches with a cotton swab. Be careful to wipe away the excess, as the tea can also color the wood around the scratches. Depending on the color of the wood, you may need to apply the tea more than once.


Use a cotton swab to apply iodine to the scratch. Use the same method as the tea, remembering to wipe away the excess iodine so that it doesn’t stain the wood around the scratch.

Instant Coffee        

Instant coffee can be used to cover a scratch. Make a thick paste with the coffee granules and water, then rub the paste into the scratch.

Walnut Meat

Crack open a walnut and rub the walnut meat into the scratch. The oil from a walnut will conceal a surface scratch in wooden furniture. Polish the scratched area with a soft cloth.